Historic Annapolis Engagement session- Brian and Erin!

Historic Annapolis Engagement session

I heard a “Amanda!!!'” being shouted from across the street and there they appeared.  Erin was as excited as can be and I was finally going to meet her groom-to-be, Brian!  Just as I imagined he would be, he is an awesome guy. They are just the coolest couple and Erin is most open and happy bride-to-be.  I felt like we had known each other forever, like we were just friends getting together for a fun shoot. I love that!  This session is one of my most favorites to date and their wedding in October is bound to be the same. I cannot wait to see them again, lucky for us, we get to see these beauties below:




Erin was so nervous (as are most people) but do you see this?  She did this on her own…and rocked it!








So gorgeous!

blog 2

This tree was beautiful, but not as beautiful as these two (cheesy sentence..I know) :)


This is one of my most favorite shots ever….just love everything about it






You guys are just the best



downtown Annapolis is full of charm…boatloads of it (see what I did there…annapolis, boats..get it?)



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Cannot wait for your wedding, you two!


Hard to stop once you start-Business+Personal

Why is it that it’s so hard to stop once you start? I was recently asked a question that was stated something like this:

“If you had free time to yourself and could do anything without interruption, even for just a short while, what would it be?”

The first answer that popped into my head (and to be honest, it kind of surprised me) was to read. I haven’t always been an avid reader, in fact, I enjoy writing more. Though, as I’ve grown and changed, I have taken the time to read more during the quiet which is rare nowadays here in my house.  Once I find a book that grabs my attention, it’s really hard to put it down and when I do, I find myself anxiously awaiting the time when I can pick that back up and continue the story. Reading allows me to imagine. I can make up the characters and landscape and backdrops in my head and sometimes I connect so much, I feel like I too am in the story. A part of it in a way. We have a bookshelf overflowing with books, mostly mine, and seemingly by the same few authors whom I am partial to. I am a little proud of the collection I have going and of course, it would be easier to have a Nook or a Kindle and just download like we all do so easily in the technology craze that is today, but I prefer to just keep my hands on the actual pages. Perhaps that makes me feel as though I am connecting, or maybe it’s just habit…I’m not sure. What I do know though is that it’s very hard to let go of once I start.


Having a business is a lot like reading a good book. Once you find a connection and dive in, it’s something you don’t want to give up. You create and imagine and dream parts of the story much like you dream and create and imagine your business. You build that business and you watch it grow. You dive in head first and you can’t stop, you don’t want to stop.  It’s a need and a want to succeed and when it’s that good and you’ve found a connection, you don’t want it to end. It becomes you.  I am lucky to have found my story so early on in life and to be following my heart doing what I love. My hope is that not only does my bookshelf at home grow, but my bookshelf in this business too. There are so many more chapters out there for me and I certainly don’t plan on stopping now!



Southern Maryland Family Mini Session- The Howell Family

Southern Maryland Family Mini Session


Sometimes, kids don’t want to put on what you want them to. Sometimes, kids don’t want to take off what you want them to. This is why I love shooting family sessions and that may seem like a strange reason, but it’s part of the dynamic and personality of a family as a whole.  Katie and Justin are such loving and fun parents to Miss Stella and Miss Lily.  This reminds me of my own family and even when things didn’t quite go as planned, we always found a way to laugh and love. These four were so fun and thankfully, we beat the rain and got some really sweet shots!



father daughter portraits

ahhhh daughters and their dads….nothing like it.


child portraits

Lily is just the cutest and sweetest.

Southern Maryland family mini session

Feeding the ducks is definitely a family event



Love these!

southern maryland family photographer


I love these special little moments. It’s almost as if they were sharing a secret

mother daughter portraits



Southern maryland family portraits


Thanks for being so awesome, you guys. You are wonderful parents to such sweet little ladies!