Titusville wedding photography {Amanda and Terry-Married!}

This wedding was back at the end of May.  It’s the wedding everyone keeps asking me to post. Trust me, I’ve been waiting patiently to as well. We were submitting it all over since then, so we wanted to wait until it was clear to post….and now it is!

I cannot wait to share this with you. Amanda was such a gorgeous bride, Terry was cool, calm, and collected. True to their spirits, they did everything themselves. You wouldn’t have been able to tell that if I hadn’t just told you…It was that good. I was in awe of all the thought, the attention to detail, the special little family inclusions here and there.

Let me start by saying that Amanda and Terry’s families are incredible.  Her father, along with Terry and many friends and family built this Pole Barn with their own hands just weeks before the wedding took place.  It’s on her Grandmothers property here in Titusville. All the tables and chairs are all different, and were all found and painted by Amanda, her mom, her aunts, and family.  All the table settings, from the china, to the silverware, napkins, etc…were all found by those women and all were unique and different. With shades of Champagne, pinks and ivories…all the details were so different, yet, they couldn’t have fit together more perfectly.  The napkin rings were made from her Grandmothers old pearl necklaces. The cross and pins added to Amanda’s bouquet were that of her Grandfathers. The china that Amanda and Terry ate off of, was that of her Grandparents, the ones they ate on at their wedding over 50 years ago.

The old wooden windows with the letters A and T etched on them, were stunning additions to the barn, as well as the few chandeliers that graced the ceilings with the hanging lights. The arch that they were married under was built for this occasion and adorned with beautiful flowers, candles, and a bible.

Amanda and Terry told me when they met me for our first meeting, this was going to be something unique. Something that was going to have a lot of detail with a color palette that would just melt your heart. I want to say that I saw what they were describing, but when I saw it in person, I now know that what they did…it was far more than my brain could ever fathom.  I was so stunned. Not only that, but the dress Amanda wore (not her original choice) was just so fitting. She looked absolutely radiant and the dress as just the icing on the cake. Terry and his groomsman were so handsome, and during the ceremony, many tears were shed…and a few laughs. Terry may or may not have dropped the ring before placing it on Amanda’s finger.  Good thing he saw it, because the altar floor was wooden slats and had it come between, there definitely would have been some rearranging to get to it.

The way Terry looks at Amanda is just incredible.  As I sat there watching and taking their photos, I was just so in love with my job. The fact that I get to watch couples start their lives together with such sweet words is really a blessing. This wedding was just that….the realization (even more so than before) that what I do is just surreal sometimes. Thank you Amanda and Terry for allowing me to be there, to watch you start your lives together in a whole new way, to be there to witness such love and commitment, and for proving to me that what I do doesn’t get any better…..and for totally exceeding the expectations of what your day was going to be like. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

It was remarkable. I have never been to a wedding that was so gorgeous.  Besides myself, the only other vendor needed for them, was a DJ.  He definitely kept the dancing going all night and they had a blast.

Be prepared for a lot of photos. It’s so hard to decide on this one!

Loved the birdcage card collector and the way the drapes swoop behind it.   The centerpieces were all made by Amanda and Terry’s Families and I adore these flowers and these colors.

Loved their simple cake, and their super freakin’ cute toppers.

I could’ve taken pictures of their table setups all day. I just loved it.

The Pole Barn on the left and the ceremony site on the right.

My favorite detail from the whole day

All the table number frames fit with the theme. All very unique and rustic looking.

Terry and his guys looking all handsome…..

Their seating chart was on a bulletin board outside the barn with awesome watercolor type paper and corks!

Such a beautiful bride

Amanda’s Dad sang a song during the ceremony. It was so beautiful and touching. Everyone was tearing up.

This was right before Terry dropped the ring

and this was right after :) whoops!

I just loved everything about these ladies. They were fun, spunky, and gorgeous!  Amanda and her sister on the right……amazing family genes!

This tree on her Grandma’s property was to die for….Could’ve done this all day

Love this one of Amanda and her Father.

Hope you guys enjoyed. This wedding was definitely one of my favorite this year so far!!!! I still talk about it :)