Suleiman and Megan- a fall frederick maryland wedding

Frederick Maryland wedding photographer

When I asked Megan how her and Suleiman first met, this is what she told me:

“Suleiman and I met in our high school marching band in 9th grade. We were not immediate fans of one another. I’m not entirely sure what our argument/disagreement was about, but my Mom distinctly remembers me not wanting to go with a group of my friends to Homecoming in 9th grade because he would be with them. :) However, in 11th grade, we were assigned a group project together and became friends and in the beginning of our senior year (September 16, 2004) we began dating. We’re still not entirely sure how this progressed. :)”

I think this is awesome- and to say things progressed pretty nicely would be an understatement.

Megan’s best friend Ashleigh was actually the first one that contacted me about these two and needing a wedding photographer and I was honored that a friend of theirs would be helping them in such a big way. As many of you may know- weddings can be stressful and any help you can get is always amazing.  I heard back from Megan in no time and we became fast friends!  Meeting these two at their engagement session was awesome and we had an amazing time and gorgeous weather too!

These two are extremely sweet, laid back, and funny. They didn’t let the fact that it was supposed to rain all day of their wedding ruin anything….and when Suleiman almost dropped the ring before putting it on Megan’s finger- they both just laughed.  It’s things like this that make me adore these two. Their families and friends are truly one of a kind. Such open and warm hearts and it was a true pleasure being a part of their family for the day. Thank you all for such a wonderful day and a beautiful wedding.




Megan was so laid back and excited. Her family and friends were too which was so amazing!












Megan decided she wanted a special first look with her dad too. He was so proud and excited to see her…





and then came the time for her first look with her soon-to-be husband! No rain can stop us!






It was only misting a bit out, but the fog and the colors are to die for






My favorite. Ya’ll should make this a canvas! :)



I love that Megan had her friend, Bobby, on her bridesmaids side



Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous


Her two maids of honors


So beautiful Megan. Inside and out, you are a wonderful person and you truly exuded beauty in all ways possible



Suleiman is a wonderful guy. You can tell by his family that they have fun and are pretty laid back.


His best man and brother, Carlin




Oh, these guys. They clean up so nicely! They were a ton of fun too!



I about fell on the ground laughing when they said they were doing this, but it’s a long-time running thing with them, so it had to be done!









The dresses and bouquets were different and I adore these types of details!





That is one proud father!





As Suleiman almost dropped the ring (and blamed it on Megan’s shaky hands)- all they could do was laugh!



The colors and florals were just perfect















Suleiman’s father is of Palestinian decent and he had a lot of family there. They danced two dances and they were so full of energy and happiness. It was so exciting to be a part of



Such an amazing night for an amazing couple, I adore these two so much and look forward to a great friendship with them!


Photographer: Amanda McMahon Photography

Venue: Morningside Inn, Frederick MD

Venue Coordinator: Katie Grossnickle

Cake: Karen Rodkey Cakes

DJ: Soundsations

Florals: Ory’s Florals

Montgomery Country Maryland Wedding Photographer {Will and Leah: Married!}

“We were engaged in June 2011. As farmers we religiously watch the weather, and we were experiencing a 16 day drought. The afternoon before we watched a storm system pass right by us without any rain, so that day when another storm was looming we paid it no mind and continued working in the field, assuming it would miss us again. It started to rain lightly but we continued to work, not wanting to get our hopes up. Then it started to pour. We were running around, so happy to finally have rain! I was walking around pulling row covers off of crops, and as I walked back over to Will he just proposed, right then and there :) Later that night we went back out into the field to release ladybugs (beneficial insects, a must in organic farming) which is he when he gave me my ring”

-Leah telling me about when they got engaged! I love the spontaneous moment of the proposal and seeing it my head, it’s so romantic. I keep thinking of The Notebook when I re-read this. Even if it wasn’t like that, it’s still very sweet and lovely and so them.

I loved so many things after meeting Leah and Will. Leah is very sweet and people oriented and Will is a good ole’ southern boy. They farm together and are growing a very successful organic farm. When I went to meet Will at their home, they offered me some lettuce and bell peppers and cherry tomatoes they had grown and when I ate them later that night, they were delicious. They made this pregnant girl (at the time, I was 8.5 months pregnant) very happy!

Their wedding was beautiful. The weather was gorgeous and the venue, The Carrol County Farm Museum was lovely. There were so many places within the property and the spot they chose for their ceremony was perfect. It was a warm fall day and you can tell how much fun they all had with each other and throughout the day. From the wildflowers, to the food (which was phenomenal), to the barn reception and little details…the day was nothing short of spectacular. Take a peek at Leah and Will!


Her flowers were my favorites, and their invitations were awesome. They are actually from Minted!

The flowers were from a local farm and it was so fitting. They were so unique and lovely the way they put them together!

The ceremony site was quaint and perfect.

Leah and Will chose to do a first look too….which I love. They were so excited to finally see each other. Will is naturally a little shy, but his expressions were perfect!

My favorite expression of Will’s!

Leah, you are so gorgeous!

Such a gorgeous woman, dress, flowers…everything!

Will, shy? Nah…he’s totally workin’ it! And Leah…..rar!

2 of my favorites, above and below. Gah, I love them.

Best bridal party picture ever. Look at Will!


This is Leah’s niece above, and her nephew and sister below. Are they not the cutest?!

The ceremony was short and sweet and the grounds were just lovely, not to mention, for an October wedding, the weather was gorgeous!

The best escort “card” setup I’ve seen! So personal and unique

Their rings were carried on little white pumpkins, and they were claddagh rings!

This father/daughter dance was so much fun! Her dad was totally lovin’ it.

These desserts were to die for. One Sweet Bite did an amazing job!


Vendors involved:

Photographer: Amanda McMahon Photography

Florist:Willow Oak Flower and Herb Farm

Desserts: One Sweet Bite

Venue: Carrol County Farm Museum, Westminster MD

Caterer: The Carriage House Inn

NY Engagement Photographer::: Natalie and Brian {Engaged}

Natalie and Brian booked me what seems like forever ago. Finally, we were able to meet for their session in July and man, was it hot! Luckily, we shot in the morning so it wasn’t too bad, but it was so great to finally meet them, and their cutie dog, Ernie!

Brian is the brother of a girl who I used to be great friends with in high school. She and I cheer-leaded together back in the day, and I was so excited when she passed my name along. Gets me all warm and fuzzy inside :)

Their dog Ernie was so funny, and he fought the heat like the champ. Natalie is as sweet as can be, though overwhelmed with the planning process like many brides are, she is really excited and so ready to finally be married. After all, they have been together over 6 years now, so I think it’s fair to say it’s about time! At first, they were each a little shy with the camera, but shortly after, they opened up right away and we were joking and laughing in no time! It was super easy for me because 1.) I am a glorified dork and have no shame in what I say or do usually and 2.) I felt like I had known Natalie for so long because we had been emailing back and forth every so often for months!

I can’t wait until their October wedding in NY.  October is one of my two favorite months of the year and the fall up there is amazing! It’s going to be off the hook, fabulous!

I think Ernie may have been eying me…he does look hungry, dontcha’ think?

can’t break a man from his dog….such buds.

Kapow! Bling Bling….Love this ring, the band is pretty yummy.

I love the look they both have in this shot. Super adorable

Brian- you have a great smile.

These two are my favorites.  Love is so sweet.

Natalie, your arms are sick here. I am envious. Rock it girl

Ernie man

See you guys in October. It’s gonna be crazy fun!