Spring Mini Sessions- Southern Maryland Photographer

Spring Mini Sessions

Last year, I offered mini sessions in the fall. They were a huge hit, so we decided to offer spring ones this year. We will likely offer them again this fall too, but what better way to bring in spring than to enjoy the warmer weather and get back out there shooting!  I am so excited to see all of you!

spring mini sessions

Email us to reserve your spot: Hello@amandamcmahon.com

A change in our direction!|Southern Maryland Photographer

Change in our Direction

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves a question of “do you want to be good at many things, or really great at a few things?”

It’s hard to let go of things at times either because we want it all, or because if you’re like me, you just want to be in control of as much as possible.  Neither are a bad thing of course, but occasionally we have to wrangle ourselves in!

When 2015 was approaching I was making lists of new business goals, new personal goals, and making some tough decisions as far as where I wanted Amanda McMahon Photography to go this next year. One of those decisions was to narrow my focus a bit more and part of that narrowing was to specialize a bit more in select categories.

So, to make this less vague

After doing my soul searching, we’ve decided to fore-go photographing anymore Boudoir Sessions or Senior Portrait Sessions after May 2015.  I love the empowerment and strength I see when photographing Boudoir sessions, but I feel my strengths lie in other regions that I want to explore and strengthen even more.

Photographing Families, Weddings, Maternity and Lifestyle sessions are where my heart is and I would love to be able to concentrate and grow even more in those areas.  Again, this isn’t until May 2015, but we wanted to announce now before Baby #2 makes his/her arrival and things get a little more crazy around here :)

I can’t wait to see what this year brings and I am excited to have you on this little adventure with me :)

Personal| Baby #2 Nursery- Gender Neutral Woodland Animals

Gender Neutral Woodland Animals Nursery


When we found out we were pregnant with number 2, we immediately talked about whether or not we would find out the gender of this baby.  With our son, Luke, we found out as soon as we could through the sonogram and he was not shy about it, either.  With this one, we knew we wanted it to be a surprise but it’s been really hard, I won’t lie.  As soon as I started coming up with gender neutral ideas for the nursery and found some gender neutral clothes (which was pretty difficult actually), I knew it wasn’t going to be that hard. It’s come together quite nicely actually, and I am anxious to share with you!  We only have 6-7 more weeks left and I feel like it’s flown by! We have one more ultrasound to get through without peeking or being told the gender and then, we are in the home stretch! We are SO excited!


I love this glass jar that can hold the pacifiers in it, I got this at Target for about $6.


These were all Luke’s books that he received at our baby shower and now that he’s a bit older, we are passing them down to his brother/sister.


This little plate that says “you make the world a better place just by being in it” came from Etsy and it’s adorable.  The dresser was pine from Ikea and I painted it a nice yellow, not too bright and not too pastel.


I like to use baskets to organize the drawers more. The top drawer contains diapers, wipes, powder, plain white onsies, lotions, extra bath items etc.


The second drawer contains baskets for pajamas, socks, pants, and additional onsies with prints as well as a Swaddle Me or two.


The bottom drawers holds the extra blankets, changing pad covers, bassinet sheets and  more Swaddle Me’s


These prints above the dressers also came from Etsy and I love the “Let’s go on an Adventure” theme


This board was a bit of a splurge, but I really love the simple saying “Be Brave” and I thought it was extra important to have as a nice statement piece (Also from Etsy)

blog 5

The closet is a bit crowded right now, but things will be changed around once baby gets here. The travel swing is small and portable and will likely stay in our room. Once we know the gender, I am sure those hangers will be filled quickly, but for now they are waiting.  In the closet organizer is plenty of burp cloths, extra receiving blankets, a travel changing pad, hats, and bibs. In the corner of the closet is our stash of diapers we have accumulated already in newborn, size 1, size 2, and size 3. I feel much more prepared having those in there ready to go!



I love this little mobile we found at target. Something simple and cute was all we needed and it goes perfectly. The crib sheet is also from Target online

blog 3


My favorite little corner. I found these little woodland creatures during Halloween at Target, the Dream Big sign from Home Goods,  and the little quilted signs from Etsy as well

blog 4


Some of my favorite gender neutral clothes came from various places, but this was actually one of Luke’s when he was a baby that I wanted to pull back out.

blog 7

I love these two, the little snail jammies are from Target (see a pattern here, I am a bit obsessed with that place) and the Born to be Awesome shirt I believe is from Gap Baby

blog 8

This swing is the coolest. We didn’t have this type with Luke (just the travel/small one seen above) and it can turn to swing two different ways, can hook up to your phone, has timers, several different speed intervals….call me a nerd, but I am super excited for this thing!


Luke had to jump into these, too. He’s testing out the rocking horse for his brother or sister!


This is the diaper bag, which is all packed and ready to go for baby.


This is what we have in there…again, just for baby (my bag is a different story and well, isn’t packed yet)


We have a couple onsies, diapers (yes they give them to you at the hospital too, but I like bringing our own as well), and plain onesies as well

blog 6

A few receiving blankets (Luke picked these two), pants, socks, jammies, pacifiers, burp cloths, and hats (and headbands in case it’s a girl)

We do also plan to buy one outfit for a boy and one for a girl for a take home outfit and then returning or gifting the other!

We can’t wait to see the baby finally in here and see what a big help Luke is going to be with his brother or sister (he says sister if you ask him which one it is) and we are anxious to share everything with you in the coming weeks, too!