Florida Newborn photographer {A newborn sneak and an engagement sneak!}

While we are away, I wanted to make sure we shared some exciting-ness with you!

When we were in Florida a week ago, in our whirlwind 2 weeks of travel, we had the honor of photographing a gorgeous 3 week old baby boy, and a wonderful, surprise engagement for our past assistant, Danielle!

I’m going to put them both in this post since it’s easier and they are equally exciting to share!

First up: 3 week old Baby Easton. His lovely parents, Katie and Ridge were married last November in Umatilla, Florida and brought this little man into the world in July! He looks just like his momma right now, but I am positive that he is going to be one of the sweetest, caring, beautiful human beings based on his parents. They are just incredible and so thoughtful. What a lucky little dude!

Easton’s aunt made this, and I just loooove it! Coolest thing, um, ever!

such an alert little thing!

Next up: Danielle and Brett and their surprise (to Danielle) Engagement!

I can’t tell you the whole story yet, but long story short….I flew down there just for this. Brett contacted me about proposing and asked me to be a part and I was so thrilled. So hard to keep it a secret but it as so worth it to see her face and be there to enjoy the excitement!

Seriously….tell me you don’t love this?

this is not totally in focus but there are plenty others, I just love the look on Danielle’s face here!



Orlando Photographer:::Aly and James- Engagement!

I first met Aly and James at a Bridal show last June…..We kept in touch through facebook and email occasionally, as I was desperately (ok…I wasn’t THAT desperate) waiting for them to set a wedding date, but what I didn’t know is that they weren’t officially engaged yet!  Flash forward to about a month ago, and James proposed!!!  I had a few giveaways for sessions on my fan page and they started entering them…and then BAM, they won that last one!  I was so excited because I just love these two.  The love they share is so easily noticable and infectious. They truly are so perfect togther, it’s hard not to feel happy when you are around them.

The way they make each other laugh so easily is beautiful. I have seen a couple laugh more….they weren’t nervous at all and they were cracking jokes left and right, which in turn, made me laugh my pants off (no, they didn’t literally fall off! ha). I had a complete blast shooting them and just as much fun editing the photos after.

It’s sometimes hard to look at a photo and remember what the couple was saying to each other, but these two….it was so easy! They are so much fun, so beautiful, and truly such amazing and sweet people. I feel so completely honored to know them and now call them friends.  They are planning on getting married next September up in Pittsburgh (her hometown) and I can’t wait to be there for that!

Facet you should know:  Aly is a HUUUUUGE Pittsburgh Steelers (football) fan and so am I. They wore the Steelers jerseys in part of their session, and I actually wore mine as I was shooting them (totally wish I had a photo of that now…but alas, I do not!)……I love when couple’s do something different and the jersey’s were perfect for them! ok…end fact.

Thank you both for your sweet words for me, your kind spirits, your wonderful beauty and making me laugh the whole evening!  <3

Their smiles are just amazing…..

I love these two images so much!

These two may also be favorites….its so hard to choose! I just love their love!

Really though….I think the one above is my favorite favorite!

Now…Get ready for some Steeler Awesomeness!

Oh yea…you can totally still look amazing in jerseys!

Funny thing: I told them to stand on the corners of the wall, and peek around sort of…and they just were like “Are you on crack?!” They totally thought I was being silly…but no, it’s me, I meant it…..;)

<3 you guys! You are amazing and I can’t wait to see you both again soon!

P.S- We are scheduling sessions for late April (2 slots left) and June as of right now, so if you want some kick- butt portraits like these, shoot us an email. Next 2 weeks (until April 15th) we have 50% off our session fees too!

New York Couples Photographer Amanda McMahon- A wintery session AND a proposal!

Jes is my best friend.  We met in 1st grade….can you believe that?!  That’s like…(calculating math here…might take a while) 18 years now!!!! How many people have had their best friends for that long!? Wowsers…

Jes and I have been through everything together and even though we are 1200 miles away…things never change. We don’t talk as often as we both want, we are both super busy, but when we get back together and do talk….it’s like nothing has ever come between us…no distance, no amount of time not talking….nothing. We are tight.

Anyways, when Jes started dating Edward over 2 years ago…I knew deep inside he was the one for her.  I believe she knew it from the very beginning too. The way they fit together, the way they balance each other out….She can get a little hyper and he calms her down a bit 😉 I just love them together and I couldn’t be more overjoyed to share these photos with you…. They are of my best friend and her love and for that….I am completely thrilled and happy.

Jes and Edward and their puppy Jack (he is very hyper, but adorable and playful!)

Hereeeeee’s Jack!

And then….something amazing happened! And of course, I like to rub it in her face that I knew about this ahead of time….nonetheless, I am excited!

Right there, in the home that they share….Edward asked her to marry him.

It wasn’t in an unbelievable setting, with candles, and flowers, but it doesn’t matter.  A proposal isn’t about where you are and what the environment is about……it’s about you and your love…it’s about being genuine and being in love. It doesn’t matter where you are…it’s about the words and emotion from the moment.

Jack wanted in on it too!

I love you guys SO much…and I am so excited, happy, and thrilled for you.  I am honored to have gotten to be a part of this moment with you both!  Thank you!

Jes and Edward are getting married in NY June 2011 and no, I am not their photographer….I am something much more important….I am Jes’ Maid of Honor!!!

<3 Amanda