Central Florida Wedding Photographer {Brett and Danielle: Married}


Danielle and Brett are very near and dear to my hearts. Danielle and I worked together in Florida when I was still there, she was my assistant first and then became my second shooter at any wedding I needed one at. She is spiritual, loving, understanding, fun to be around, sweet as can be, and has become such a great friend to me.  Brett is her counterpart. There is no question about it, I didn’t even have to meet him to know.

He contacted me back in April of 2011 I believe, about coming to Florida to shoot his proposal (which Danielle had been anxiously awaiting) and to say I was thrilled would be an understatement.  Waiting all that time from the time he contacted to when it took place in August was torture, and most of all- keeping it from Danielle was the worst!  Needless to say, everything went off without a hitch and we had beautiful weather and they were totally working the camera and then the magic happened. I have never seen Danielle look more beautiful than at that moment (and again, in her wedding dress).  They are the perfect match and they are just blissfully in love. It makes my heart melt thinking about two people so head over heels and they are the epitome of that.

I was honored and truly grateful to have been there for their wedding March 3rd and am so very excited to share this with you.  Danielle is a very hands on, DIY bride and her details were nothing short of spectacular. My second shooter Lynne and I were so excited to capture all of these things that Danielle, her family and friends worked so very hard on.  Everything was gorgeous and the color palette was one of my favorites of all time.  The moment that topped the day was easily- the moment Brett say Danielle coming down the aisle. He teared up a bit and that made my hormones (hello pregnant girl!) go nuts!  It was a touching moment and I am anxious to share. Without further ado, enjoy these moments from Danielle and Brett’s Vintage Garden Wedding in Titusville, Florida.


Her bouquet was made by a bridesmaid and all out of fabric and beads. I was amazed at how awesome it turned out!

This is one of my most favorite getting ready shots ever.

I adore this shot.

So stunning!

Their dresses are just divine and the colors…ahhhh, love!

Taken by my second shooter, Lynne!

My favorite of the two of them!

Lookin’ great, guys!

These three were just the cutest!

such a beautiful moment as they take their first communion as husband and wife together.

So cute!

Love the table seating chart!

Little bit of fighting over the bouquet, hahahah

what a perfect end to a perfect night!


Photographer: Amanda McMahon Photography

Second shooter: Lynne Sarao

Venue: Birdsong Barn, Titusville FLORIDA (coordinator: Luanne Ammons)

Wedding coordinator:Melissa Ziegler (friend of the bride)

Cake: Kathy Charest (relative of the bride)

Ceremony Muscian: Tyler Littlefield ; DJ: David Riendeau

Caterer: Alex Montminy (uncle of the bride)

Maryland wedding photographer {Brett and Danielle: Married-sneak peeks!}

You may remember Danielle and Brett’s surprise proposal that I photographed in August….well, their wedding was last weekend in Florida and was just gorgeous. I cannot wait to tell you everything and show you everything, but in the meantime, you’ll have to check out these sneaks and bite your lip until the big reveal of it all!

Her bouquet, made by friend and bridesmaid, Anna was made out of all fabric. It was stunning!

Just lovely!

Come back for more posts soon!

Maryland Engagement Photographer::: Brett and Danielle {Surprise Engagement!}

Danielle is a dear friend of mine. We met over a year and a half ago when I emailed her about being my assistant for weddings. She and I lived in the same town, she was going to the same school I graduated from years earlier, and it seemed meant to be :)  She became my assistant and eventually, my second shooter. Over this time, we grew to be great friends. She is someone who is loyal, trustworthy, open and honest, and a woman of God. So many admirable traits that I find myself wondering what she would say or do in certain situations. She has had such a wonderful impact on my life, and I was so excited to watch her get engaged!

Brett contacted me months ago about this. He was going to propose in Florida, where they lived-where I used to live. He asked if I was going to down that way sometime, but I wasn’t until he emailed. There was no way I was going to miss this.  We set it up for August 1st and I was going to witness the proposal of someone I was very dear friends with.  It made my heart so happy.


Fastforward 2 months- and we are here, in this beautiful setting somewhere I have shot before: Birdsong Barn, in Titusville Florida, with these beautiful people about to watch a magic moment.

So beautiuful

They are silly, and crazy, and in love…and this is what love is like…

I love when they laugh.

Still pre-proposal

One of my favorite images from their session, I just love it!

Danielle- you have the soul of an angel and you are even more beautiful inside than outside (and that’s tough!)

It was at this moment, I called Danielle over, pretended to fix her hair (to give Brett time to get the ring out), had her go back and close her eyes while I winked at Brett to say “It’s time”….

and then, this happened:

I was teary eyed and my hands were shaking, but I couldn’t be more happy and excited…Danielle has been waiting for this for a long time and her excitement was more than contagious. And Brett had this planned for months and never ever let it slip! You both are amazing!

The glow and happiness can be felt right off this image. I swear…there’s nothing like it!

It looks good on you, Danielle. Love looks really great on both of you!

I cannot wait to see you on your wedding day. If there’s any day more magical than this…it’s the wedding, and you guys are going to look amazing!

March will come so fast, and I am so ready! :)

Love you both!