Orlando Wedding photographer{Katie and Ridge-Married:Sneaks!}

Katie and Ridge had an interesting first date. Not something every girl would love, but it sure hooked Katie! Ridge took Katie mudding….yup, mudding.  I find it awesome, and Katie must have too because well, they’re now married! I am so in love with the photos from this wedding that I can barely contain myself on the sneaks. Normally, we show 3, but I picked 6 and even that was hard.  You have to check back for the whole session in a few weeks, but in the meantime, enjoy the beautiful light, the beautiful couple, and their BEA-U-TI-FUL day….seriously….so amazing. Ok, I’m done.:)

Oh- and this, was our last wedding of 2010, so guess what’s coming in the next few weeks? Our favorite Wedding Images of 2010!  Get ready for so much awesome-ness in 1 post. So exciting!

KaPow…Bling bling!

My favorite down the aisle photo…ever!

so touching with her mom.



Want to know a secret?  Brendan (hubby) second shot this wedding with me, and he did fantastic! This shot above….totally his!  And want to know something else (cause ya know ya do!) He took this because he knew it would be my favorite…..awwwww love!

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