Maryland and D.C photographer {Ridge and Katie-Married}

I didn’t meet Katie and Ridge until their wedding day. Our schedules were busy and we just didn’t meet. That didn’t matter though, we knew we were a good fit and I was so excited about their wedding out in Umatilla, Florida at the Elks Lodge Youth Camp! Outdoorsy, wooded, natural weddings are my thang and this was so exception. Not to mention, Katie and Ridge’s photos were some of the most emotion evoking that I’ve taken this year. Seriously, several of them were on my Top 10’s of this year and there’s a reason why. You’ll see.

Katie is very soft spoken, super sweet, and just very down to earth. Ridge is the same way. Their first date (as the best man reiterated) was mudding. Talk about a way to break the ice 😉 Don’t worry though, they had a blast and then he took her to dinner later. Ridge is such a great guy, he proposed while on a walk after Katie had kind of a bad day at the hospital that she’s a nurse at.  They were there with his sister and her fiance and they suggested to pose for a picture, and he dropped to his knee. Super super cute and totally unexpected.  My kind of proposal, for sure.

I loved their peacock feathers throughout the theme of the wedding and the ease of it all. They all had a fantastic time, the photo booth was such a hit and the guys pulled some super sweet moves (think the lawn mower and the cabbage patch!)….such a blast to photograph.

Thank you to both of you and your families for being super sweet and amazing….truly loved the wedding and meeting both of you. Katie and Ridge are also expecting their first child later this year and I am so beyond thrilled for them!  I cannot wait until they find out what it is so I can send some goodies their way!!!  Congratulations you two, you are going to be thee best parents!!!

Ceremony and Reception: Elks Lodge Youth Camp, Umatilla Florida

Cake: Incredible Edible Cakes

Florist: Claudia’s Flowers and Gifts

DJ: Accent Entertainment

Their flowers were so lovely. I could’ve photographed them all day. They were just gorgeous.

Katie’s dress was absolutely stunning, I loooved it, and her bling on the right…..GORGEOUS!

I love this of Katie’s sisters  Lauren fixing Megan’s hair and Megan fixing their mom’s hair!

Don’t worry, Katie….I can’t put my eyelashes on myself either 😉

There’s something I love about a mom helping put your dress on, in this case, it’s Katie’s mom and sister Sam….and I love it!

My favorite getting ready picture ever. Seriously in love with it!

I love this shot of Katie and 4 of her bridesmaids, aren’t they all beautiful, and it’s such a relaxing place

My other favorite photo….there are several, you’ll see:)Just an awesome wedding!

This made me tear up….just pure love and joy.

something about a boy and his mom:)

such a gorgeous group.

FYI* This was taken about 15 minutes before sunset. When a ceremony starts late, we just gotta work faster, and that’s ok. Luckily, this lighting was amazing and we got lucky too! Just gotta roll with it and they turned out better that way too!

Hello Attitude 😉 love it

Stunning Katie. Just stunning.

oh- Stunna’s…..ow ow

such handsome men.

Amazing. Simply adore.

I believe this is my favorite of the day….this should be a giant canvas in your house guys….just get it the size of a one will mind 😉 hehe

Katie- you are beyond beautiful!

I love how Ridge and his mom are watching them in the background…so touching.

is that not the cutest?

Photo Booth! Awesome for everyone!
The toasts were quite funny and very beautiful too!

Now..check out this dancin’….

beer in hand…that’s talent…

ut oh..pushing the lawn mower…

girls are breaking it down…

Katie and Ridge: LOVED your wedding and you both! You are awesome and so sweet. You’re going to be the best parents and I cannot wait until you find out what the little bundle is!

Cannot wait for your joy to increase even more when he/she arrives! Enjoy your many blessings this year and always!



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