Orlando Photographer::: Being uncomfortable, cooking, and the ability to become embarassed

Nice title, eh?

Having a little time on my hands while a wedding I am finishing up is batch processing in photoshop, I thought I would just write.

There are very few things that make me feel uncomfortable in life. Those things including, the word moist, teaching a peer, and feeling awkward in a group setting. With that being said, I will just say that one thing that I don’t know that I could get used to, is teaching (or mentoring, or any variation) a peer. Why does that make me feel uncomfortable? Well, I’ve never really thought of myself as a teacher, or someone who has had anything new or completely innovating to say. I am not an someone who typically has technical or really intellectual conversations, and not because I don’t enjoy them, but because that’s not generally who I am when I speak. I speak dork…:) lots of giggling, funny, non-thinking before I speak-types of things. Get me talking about ice cream and we are all set.:)True story.

I like teaching, showing what I know, helping others….don’t get me wrong.  I just have never imagined someone really wanting to know/hear what I have to say.  I have had a few one-on-one sessions the last few weeks and this requires me to share my knowledge, give advice, and share my experiences being a photographer and business owner in a  recession. I am flattered to have been asked to do this, and am available anytime to do it again, but I have to sometimes remind myself that while, I personally, wouldn’t consider myself a “teacher, mentor etc”….it doesn’t mean I don’t have important things to share, advice to give, experiences to dwell on. I want others getting started to know what not to do, what didn’t work for me, and what I’ve learned along the way…it’s a cool feeling to share that. So while the word teacher may not be something I would comfortably add beside my name, it’s something I will learn to embrace….when the time comes:) I sort of like feeling a little uncomfortable with that word because when you become comfortable with something, it may start to become boring…and THAT is a word I will never put beside my name.

Cooking is something I do relatively a lot. Probably 4-5 times a week I am cooking. Whether it’s something I make often, or trying something new….I find it fun. It gives me time away from a routine, or from my eyes going crossed while working. Plus, my husband never complains so that gives some incentive to keep doing it, right?! Last night I made Mongolian for the first time on my own and it was pretty good. I think we are going to start trying some more ethnic foods at home now….and by we, I mean I, the one who actually cooks!

Being embarrassed is something else I am not often. However, sometimes I am.  Like, when my grandma knows that I hate the word moist and asks my mom to text me with something using that word. Oh dear…..What’s embarrassing about that you may ask?  If you knew my grandma, you would know that she will now publicly use that word in a very open environment and loudly. Can’t say that I don’t love her though and it’s really only embarrassing for a second, but its’ easy to get that way when people do it to me….I will now refrain from telling anyone what words I really dislike 😉 hehehe.

And because no post is worth reading without a photo:

Someone who loves to embarrass is my brother, Anthony. He’s my little brother by the way:)

But, he also likes to be embarrassing WITH me:)This was our Christmas picture for my parents….nice, huh?

<3 Amanda

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  • John - Your tongue looks a little moist in that photo. 😉

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