Maryland and D.C Engagement Photographer {Cassie and Peter}

Cassie and Peter are young, cute, laid back, and just freakin’ adorable.  They are playful and so fun to watch and photograph.

I love when couples just ease into everything, they were a little shy and nervous at first, I think…but together, we opened them right up and let em’ shine! I love their open-ness and the fact that they actually met through Peter’s mom, whom Cassie worked with. She thought he was cute, and expressed interest in him, so Peter’s mom told him and he got her number. Badda Bing, Badda Boom…here they are, engaged and all ready to tie the know. (I totally sounded like someone from a gangster movie there, didn’t I?)

Needless to say, I am super excited for them, and they’re gonna be amazing on their wedding day too…..Congratulations you two, lots of love and wishes for the future:)

We had some lovely, friendly roosters visiting us for the day!

Cassie wanted to show her Orlando pride (they were playing later that night) and I love people who incorporate sports into their shoots!

oh, ya know…just sitting on a warehouse floor looking all awesome and stuff…

so cute.

probably my favorite of the day! Seriously….so beautiful you two!

makes my heart jump!

LOVE Cassie’s eyes!

you guys rocked this…seriously.

isn’t this just romantic…?

loved, loved, loved you guys….seriously.  Thank you both for being rockstars and making my job so so so easy!

lots of love

<3 Amanda

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