Maryland Wedding Photographer: Rudy and Beth {Married!}

Rudy and Beth are one of the sweetest couples I have ever worked with. They are so loving and compassionate and they have the biggest smiles you could ever see. The best man and maid of  honor speeches went on to elaborate saying that Beth always puts family first and is the most loving person. That Rudy is just the best guy and that they knew Beth and Rudy were it once they heard about them. It was “meant to be”.

Even though I had only known Rudy and Beth through the wedding planning process, it was so easy to see that their friends and family loved them both dearly, and that they were a one of a kind match.

I think I mentioned before that Rudy and Beth met at her apartment. Rudy was the maintenance guy at the complex Beth had just moved into, and when he got there to make a few fixes, he lingered a little too long. Beth was just trying to watch a movie and Rudy went on talking away and overstaying his welcome. Or so she thought at first.

Turns out, he asked her out that day, and they have been together ever since!  I love that story because it shows how much Rudy knew that it was something from the second he saw her. You go Rudy, and your perseverance!

Beths dress was one of a kind. I’ve seen many many wedding dresses, and never anything like this. It was just so gorgeous and it looked so much more on her!

Bad ass….

Aren’t these ladies and their coral dresses just the most beautiful!? They actually had a dress fiasco and the original dresses didn’t come in time, so they got these beauts off Rent the and if you haven’t been there…go….now. They have awesome designer dresses for rent and they even send you two sizes just in case one doesn’t fit!

Look at these guys. Right after this, Rudy planked….yup, he’s a funny one.

Look at Rudy’s smile. He’s like me, where we smile so big that our eyes get all squinchy. I love it!

Their portraits are some of my favorite from this year, we had an awesome time and did I mention how gorgeous they are?!

The way he loves her is unreal.

This little man is Beth’s nephew and I think Rudy has a run for his money there! Watch out:)

The flowers were done in vibrant oranges and corals and reds. I feel like they match who Beth and Rudy are to a tee. Romantic, Loving, Classic, Gorgeous, and fun!

Hope you enjoyed!

Photographer: Amanda McMahon Photography

Ceremony:Winter Park Christian Church

Reception: Orlando County History Center

Catering: Levan’s Catering

Florist: Lee James Florals

Coordinator/Planner: Kristin McDonald with Blush by Brandee Gaar

DJ: Soundwave Entertainment- Phil Joeckel

Bridesmaid dresses: Rent the Runway

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