NY wedding Photographer {Brandon and Martha: Married!}

I’ve known Martha since middle school I think. We go way back. From our days in Biology, she got her name “Switzerland” very fast. My best friend Jes, and my crush (and now my hubby), she, and I were all in the same class and sat in the same quadrant. Her and Jes sat in front of Brendan and I and anytime there would be an argument between any of us, Martha always stayed Neutral! We all had some great times! I started dating Brendan right before Martha’s sweet 16 party at her house, in fact.

Fast forward many years and Martha has now found her husband, Brandon. They are just so loving and they laugh a lot, which I think is super important in a relationship. When she asked me to photograph her wedding, I was so ecstatic and surprised. To be able to photograph a wedding for someone whom I have so many close memories of, is really humbling and just plain amazing.

Brandon is hilarious. Quite the joke-ster and laugher. In his vows to Martha, he promised to love her more than a fat kid loves cake. He won me over right then and there. We all laughed pretty good at that one!

Their wedding had a very vintage flair, with grays, and yellows. Their flowers were gorgeous, and martha just looked so radiant. A lot of her bridesmaids I went to high school with and for me, this wedding was almost like a high school reunion of sorts, and I loved it!  Wild reception (let’s just say, some mens shirts came off), but they had a blast!

Martha and Brandon, I hope you have many many many years of laughter and happiness.  I am so honored to have been there for such an important day, as you were there for Brendan and I a few years before. You will always hold a special place in my heart and now Brandon shares that space. I am so beyond happy for you both! Thank you, and much love to you both….always!

This little guy was staring at us all day long…

Martha has the most flawless skin….her makeup artist didn’t even need to airbrush!

This is the Martha I have always known. Always smiling and always upbeat :)

I love how excited she looks here!

Martha’s beautiful and soon to be momma-sister, Veronica!

These are the most lovely flowers


something about this shot…..

aren’t these guys looking sharp?

so stunning you were, Martha…so so stunning

he sure does love her like a fat kid loves cake…way way more!

Their wedding took place at Grandma Millicent’s, she turned 100 year old this year, and she is still spunky with a little fire. Such a sweet woman

Gorgeous wedding party, I love the yellows, blush pinks, and grays!

Hot hot hot!

This is Mick on the left, and Katie on the right, with Martha. Forever, they have always been Katie, Mick, and Martha. Rolls off the tongue and I think I will forever want to say their names altogether. Love all of you!

Work it!

These guys are hot tomales…looking them all GQ like.

My favorite groomsman shot ever!

I love their lips and mustache glasses, and their lollipop centerpieces

Aren’t they just the cutest?

Totally Brandon! I love this shot

This was thee wildest reception I have shot ever, and it was the best time!

Ceremony Venue: Grandma Millicent’s house

Reception Venue: Mohegan Manor, Baldwinsville NY

Catering: Mohegan Manor

DJ: Mohegan DJ

Photographer: Amanda McMahon

Cake/Cupcakes: Cupcakes and smiles

Dress: Maggie Sottero

Florist: Green Ivy Florist

Hair: Nikki Ellis

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  1. Beautiful as usual :) Love the shot of the lips and mustache!


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