Maryland Wedding Photographer {Jesse and Dirk-Sneak peek!}

I was in NY a few days ago for my sister in law, Jesse’s big day. As a photographer in my day to day life, it’s hard to let go and not be a photographer on a day I am not “needed” to be….so of course, I had my camera with me and snapped some beside their photographer. On August 12th, I gained another brother, Dirk. I am so excited to watch our families grow and just get better. In May I watched my sister in law, Shannon, get married to Ryan (my first brother in law), and now, I watch as I get another brother in law. Both are wonderful men and they make my sister in laws very happy…..what more could I ever want!?


So, without hesitation, I snapped this of Jesse and Dirk and I adore this shot so so much. Maybe because they look gorgeous, but moreso because they are my family, and there’s nothing better for me.

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