Orlando Photographer::::Our April-May schedule

I get a lot of questions about what my schedule looks like….mostly from clients wanting to set a shoot up or family/friends just asking what’s going on. When I say I am busy, I mean it….ya’ll think I’m crazy, and while sometimes that may be true, in this instance….I am serious 😉

So for those of you wanting to schedule a session or just want to be curious and see what’s up, here is what my schedule looks like for the next month or so. Want to be added?   No problemo! Just shoot me an email at amanda@amandamcmahon.com or call me 321-285-8878 and we can set something up.  We are now scheduling mostly for June/July times! We know it’s hot here in Florida during those times, but we like shooting either early morning before it gets “too” hot, or evening before the sun goes down when it cools down a lot….so yes, we still can shoot outdoors!!! :)

Let me start by saying we have an event schedule and a personal schedule that is day to day.  What you will see first is our event schedule. Things we have going on for both photography and personal…or both mixed :)

After that, you will see how we do things day to day at the office from editing, to post office, to album design etc…

April 2010

April 22nd- not 1, but 2 Trash the Dress shoots over near Disney

April 23rd- Headshots for a writer here in Brevard County

April 24th- Jimmy Buffet Concert in Tampa

April 25th- 5pm-7:15pm- Wedding in Winter Park for Laura and Christian

May 2010

May 1st-May2nd- Wedding in Miami, Florida for LaWanda and Mark-Edward

May 8th-9th- Wedding in West Palm Beach for Eileen and Matt

May10th- Miami to jump on a4 day cruise for a vacation

May 10th-14th- On a cruise to key west and Mexico with my husband

May 14th- back/headed home/unpack/unwind

May 16th-27th- OPEN to schedule shoots

May 29th-Wedding in Titusville for Amanda and Terry

Day to Day

We don’t really have a set schedule on what we do Mondays and what we do Tuesday etc…

A lot of that involves things that come up last minute, more emails to return 1 day as opposed to another etc.

Fridays are usually post office days, so if you are waiting for a package from me, they usually come Priority Mondays or Tuesdays.

Mondays are answering emails, following up with clients or open proposals, and blogging my Manda-tory Monday blog post.

Wednesdays are usually blogging days as well, either a shoot, something more random like this, etc..

Thursdays are usually shoot days….seems to work best for people.

Saturdays are usually weddings and if not, I don’t know what to do with myself.  If I have nothing, I hang out with my family, go shopping, or do something like go to the beach etc.

Sundays are church in the morning, yardwork, sometimes I work on editing etc..

I edit every single weekday and usually a few hrs on the weekend!

Here is what I can say though, and I know this may seem crazy if you are a photographer reading this especially:

I go to bed at 10pm every weekday night.  I will say it again, I go to bed at 10pm every weekday night.  Why on earth do I not stay up til 2 am working, you ask?!

Here is my answer: I treat my photography business, or try to, as any other “job” a person would have.  I get up at 730 or 8am, eat something, work out, shower, and then start working at about 930am officially.  I work until about 6pm, sometimes 7pm. After that, I watch a little t.v either with my husband or alone if he’s doing schoolwork (finishing his Master’s right now) and then because he gets up at 530am for work and thus, goes to bed at 10pm…..so do I.

I figure, personally, I can’t be any more productive at 11pm-2am than I was from 10am-7pm….so I may as well get a good 8 hrs of sleep in so that I can be extra productive the time I am working. Again, I realize a lot of photographer friends reading this, and some of you non-photographer friends may think I am crazy, but this is something I am pretty diligent about lately.  I wake up at 730am, go to bed at 10pm…..and it’s been that way for about a year and a half now.  I pretty much know what I am doing the following day and how I need to manage things for me and my business in order to get the most out of myself.

I wear glasses and frequently get migraines because I don’t take enough breaks from working on the computer, and somedays it drives me nuts, and somedays I just keep pushing through. So working more in a day than I do now on the computer end of things, I just can’t do in order to stay somewhat sane :)

So there it is, my crazy weird and mostly diligent schedule. I dont like doing the same things everyday of the week, so that’s why I dont have a set Mondays is this, tuesdays is this, type of schedule.  It works for many, but I gotta go with my more spontaneous nature and change it up a bit!

<3 Amanda

Oh, and because a post isn’t complete without a photo, here is a sneak peek to the Beach wedding from April 10th!

Love their dresses, their super cool bouquets…everything.

Just beautiful!

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  1. I do the same thing, go to bed at about 10 or 10:30 with the hubs. My only problem is that I am so much more productive at night than in the daytime! :( And after weddings, I have to stay up late to load the cards; I can’t go to bed without doing that!

  2. i love that ceremony set-up and hello awesome bm dresses!! what a cool wedding.

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