Manda-tory Monday- Happy November!

I cannot believe it’s November already!!! Where has this year gone altogether…wow!


For this week we are going to keep it simple….I have a few blogs coming for you and really want to make sure I get in time for those with this crazy editing schedule I have. It has been trying at times to edit a wedding, a family session, couples session, birthday party and now another wedding from October 24th!  Crazyness, but I love how they are turning out!

This week….Manda-tory Monday is about Top 5’s (not in any order). Make sure you comment with yours too! I love hearing from everyone.


Top 5 bands/artists for me right now:

1.) Carrie Underwood…totally excited for her new album later this month

2.) Michael Buble…his new CD Crazy Love is in my car and listened to everyday.

3.) Taylor Swift- Her songs are played ALL over the place and the country music lover in me can’t help but love her

4.)T.I- Ok, so I realize this is the one that’s not like the others, but the guy can sure as heck write and his songs are all amazing if you really listen.

5.) Green Day- I am not so much into too much controversial musis per say but I have always liked them, and before a wedding I listen to a song of their to pump myself up!


Top 5 places I have visited (and think of often):

1.) Hawaii ( we want to go back soon sooooo bad)

2.) Italy (the architecture, the people, the food….ahhh to be back in Italy)

3.) Belize ( I want to see more!)

4.) Puerto Rico (looooved it…can’t wait to go back!)

5.) Colorado Springs (hubby has family there, I loved it and cannot wait to get a chance to go back….that’s 1 place I would def. live)


Top 5 ice cream flavors:

1.) Choc. chip

2.) Choc. chip cookie dough

3.) Cherry Garcia from Ben and Jerry’s

4.) Phish Food from Ben and Jerry’s

5.) anything that involves a waffle cone in the ice cream 😉


Top 5 places I want to see before I die:

1.)  South Africa

2.) New Zeland

3.) Thailand

4.) Prague

5.) Lebanon ( this is my heritage)

Top 5 reasons I am glad it’s November:

1.) Hubby’s bday is in 9 days

2.) I can start listening to Christmas music and not feel bad :)

3.) Greenbay vs Tampabay game on November 8th that we are going to

4.) Thanksgiving is soon

5.) 3 weddings at the end (november 21,22 and 28th)


Top 5 reasons I love my “Job”:

1.) I get to make my own schedule

2.) how can I not?

3.) I meet awesome people in both the industry and as my clients

4.) how can I not?

5.) I get to do what I love to do and people love it too!


What are some of your favorites right now?




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  1. Wow – lot’s of editing, huh? :) Good luck!
    I must say that I love your top 5 idea. On busy days it’s easy to forget what we all enjoy….sometimes it’s nice to just see them in black and white. :) And it will be even funnier when we look back at this blog a year from now…I am sure quite a few of them will be different.

    My top 5 bands/artists at this moment:

    1. Adele – I absolutely LOVE her music and voice! Amazing!
    2. Corinne Bailey Rae – this is perfect chill music to me. Her tones relax me to the core.
    3. Jay-Z – Empire state of mind song – I can listen to this song 63 times in a row and NEVER get tired of it! Oh my gosh I heart this song!
    4. Lady GaGa – she is so much fun
    5. Kelly Clarkson – her new song is hot! Every time I think that I am getting tired of her songs, she comes out with another couple that I just can’t get enough of.

    Top 5 places I have visited and think of often:

    1. ITALY – no other explanation needed! :)
    2. St. Augustine, Fl – I have so much fun going to the fort (even though I have been about 7 times) and shopping at the little stores. I want to do some of the haunted tours next time.
    3. Edmonton Alberta Canada – so natural and gorgeous.
    4. Denver Colorado – I only lived there for 5 months and there are still so many places I want to eat and things I want to see.
    5. Orlando Florida – I know, I know it probably doesn’t count that I live here but I love Orlando! I am a total tourist here all of the time. :)

    Top 5 Ice cream flavors

    1. Cold stone’s birthday cake flavor with kit kats mixed in. :)
    2. Jamoca Almond fudge from Baskin Robbins
    3. Really good French vanilla
    4. all of the above
    5. all of the above

    Top 5 places I want to see before I die

    1. The entire world! – seriously I never want to stop traveling. I want to die doing some crazy thing in some far away country. I want to be 97 years old and have unique collectibles from all over the earth (and beyond if able to by the time I am 97).

    Top 5 reasons I’m glad it’s November

    1. The chillier weather – hopefully
    2. turkey turkey turkey – that includes thanksgiving day and leftover cold turkey sandwiches. yum
    3. I can finally get all of my Christmas decorations out.
    4. SHOPPING! Woohoo! My mom’s birthday is in November and every year we all go shopping for Christmas presents. Yay!
    5. Having family moments – I have a huge family and we all get together for the next 2 months for tons of parties and fun.

    Top 5 reasons I love my job

    1. I can use my imagination to create beautiful cards so that people can show their loved ones how much they care.
    2. I am able to set my own hours and work as long as I need to, yet never leave the house.
    3. I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself – which actually is more difficult than answering to someone else, so maybe this one doesn’t count.
    4. I love it! love love love it! :)
    5. it is so much fun to create things.

    Wow, that was so fun. yay!
    Have fun at that football game. :)

  2. wow i use a lot of happy faces………….

  3. Can’t list all of them but will participate partially :)

    Top 5 places I have visited and think of often:

    1. Greece
    2. Galway
    3. central NY
    4. Niagara Falls
    5. Rhode Island


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