Orlando Wedding Photographer: Kate and Daryl- the full post

Kate and Daryl have been together 9 years!  They got engaged a few years ago, but with Kate being a student, they took that as an opportunity to hold off for a bit. Finally though, Sept. 13th 2009 they were married at the Winter Park Farmers Market building.  Technically though, they had been married for 3 days at that time as they went on 9-9-09 to get hitched for real!  I love the details that Kate put into this, from the favors to the centerpieces….she made everything herself and I LOVE DIY brides because of the visions they have and how they make them come to life. Her theme went so well with the Farmers Market Building….I loved it! Daryl’s aunt also made the cake and it was stunning.

Kate and Daryl- Congrats on finally getting married!!!  I love how laid back and beautiful everything was…and Kate you did an amazing job! It was truly a family affair and I am honored to have been a part of it, thank you!!! I wish you so many more years of happiness guys….keep on rockin’!











The sky was awesome!



K&D-106I just like how serious their faces are with the impending cloud doom behind them!


K&D-100This is my favorite…did you notice the newspaper is upside down?!




They played a game with their shoes. He held one of his and he held one of hers. The DJ asked a question like “Who takes the trash out?” and they would hold up the shoe matching the corresponding person….so she held his up and he didnt hold anything up, meaning he was the one who usually takes the trash out.  Funny because, she was the answer to most of the questions!

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  1. Oh my goodness I love when you post up new photos! I absolutely adore the solo bouquet shot and the newspaper one as well! :)

  2. :) You work never ceases to amaze me!

    I’m so glad I’ve been able to watch you grow as a photographer!

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